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Looking to buy Secmair or Breining machines in the UK

For Large machines please feel free to contact us, being the service provider for both Breining and Secmair we are in close contact with the uk sales manager so can put you directly in contact. If you would like external advice on what machine to go for, we are happy to assist you.

For smaller Secmair machines we currently sell two machines (the CEPIA and Pick & Spray) ideal for smaller job sites or to assist you on larger sites to get better efficiency.

CEPIA – Mechanised Hot-mix and chip spreader

Cepia is a one-of-a-kind versatile machine compatible with all configurations and types of manual work: digging of trenches, laying of pavements, cycle paths, riverbeds, car parks, home drives, etc. Cepia is a self-powered wheelbarrow that transports materials from the storage lorry to the place of application and spreads them: both functions required on these specific sites.

  • Safety – reduces the majority of manual handling, both barrowing and raking and helps reduced the chance of employees getting Musculo-Skeletal Disorders (MSD)
  • Efficiency – with a CEPIA having a load of 150L and a consistent laying quality this allows for the potential to reduce the number of people barrowing & raking. Furthermore, chip spreading is quick and easy.
  • Quality – With a heated sole plate, independent height control (left and right) the CEPIA leaves a near machine finish when laying hot mix.
  • Easy to use – In our trials both on test sites and lives sites, operators can learn to use the machine in under 5min, and after 30min usage the operators are comfortable and generally competent.

For UK sales of the Secmair CEPIA please contact us at 01455 221 700

Pick & Spray – the modular mini emulsion sprayer

The Pick & Spray is an electrically heated mini emulsion sprayer designed to be fitted onto a range of vehicles reduce the need for an HGV (and driver) for smaller jobs.

  • Full casing – guarantees the equipment stays clean and assists in reducing noise
  • Has a tank capacity of 600 Litres with a pump built into the equipment
  • 2.4m wide spray bar (3.2m is also available) with individual nozzle control
  • Control unit fits into cup holder in vehicle for easy operation
  • Compact hand lance also included with a 15m winder
  • Can be fitted onto a range of vehicles
  • Insulated tank to keep material warm on large sites
  • Dosage control

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